Infrared Lap Timer w/rechargeable Battery

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Infrared Lap Timer 

This is an incredible tool for practicing at the track. Take different lines and try techniques that will shave seconds off your laps and know your results instantly.

Easily mount the display with zip ties to your handlebars and mount the transmitter to a stake or camera stand where the bike is usually square to the ground (just before a corner, approaching a jump or on the landing).

Max Lap : Record up to 99 laps

New large digital display with high contrast (50 mm x 30 mm)
Larger display / receiver with battery / colored lighting.

Display of fastest (the green display), slowest (red display) and average lap time

Lap time indicator will display for 10 seconds after lap signal is triggered by the transmitter. That lap time is displayed while the current lap time is being recorded. The timer is accurate to 0.002.

Package Includes:

one transmitter & one receiver

Comes with micro USB rechargeable Digital display Receiver and Transmitter (requires 2 x AA batteries).


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