2020 RIDERSONLY.CA Bike Graphics Kit

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RIDERSONLY.CA Bike graphics kit

All our decals feature heavy-duty motocross vinyl.

This graphics kit will be modified to fit your year and make of bike.

The only options we are offering is:

1. Year, Make and Model of your ride

2. Your Name and Number

3.  Your plate color, and your number color

4. We need to know your plastics color so we don't put Yamaha logo and blue stripes on your KX. We get you wouldn't love that.

So if you can abide by our only team rule we'd love to have you aboard. What is that rule Twiggy? E-L-E. That's right E-L-E. And what does E-L-E stand for? Everybody Love Everybody. Cause this isn't just a MX team...this is a lifestyle.

So you promise to touch knuckles after every race, respect that no one can win if someone doesn't lose and where you finish in a race doesn't define you as a person, we want to be your graphics supplier.

At the check out please add information 1-4 to the comments section and please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



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