Snarly Air Filter - Yamaha YZF250/450 18-19 SNA602221

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Whether you ride for fun or you are a competitive racer you want the maximum protection for your engine so you can focus on riding. Snarly Air Filters deliver reliability and performance that you can rely on.

- The Dual foam design features a coarse open-pore outer foam to catch dirt, grime and sand.
- Fine open-pore inner foam is a fail safe for smaller particles
- Durable adhesive ensures seams stay bonded
- Thick foam holds the filter in place around the sealing ring. No grease required.

- Yamaha YZ 250F (2019-2019)

- Yamaha WR 450F (2019-2019)
- Yamaha YZ 450F (2018-2019)
- Yamaha YZ 450FX (2019-2019)