MZ1 90/90-21 ROOSTER Front Tire

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MZ1 Front Tire 90/90-21 RT909021FMZ

ROOSTER TERRAX MZ1 Enduro Soft, Designed to provide aggressive traction in soft terrain with an extended wear life. MX grip coupled with Enduro strength and wear. 


  • TRACTION BARS: Prevent the inward cupping of the tread at low tire pressure and more bite when you need it. As an added benefit they provide additional strength to the center tread block under extreme load.
  • TREAD SIPES: Allow the tread blocks to flex and get more surface area on the ground you’re navigating.
  • 2X BLOCK TECHNOLOGY: The raised surface area and additional grove around the center block provide a back up to the main block and a significant increase in additional grip on harder surfaces when you need it most, cornering.
  • TREAD DESIGN: Each tire features a specific design and spacing to provide you maximum traction for your specific application
  • MATERIAL COMPOUND: In every case the softest compound will yield the best traction so to provide value the hardness of the tire is increased to an optimal range where performance is not compromised.


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